Over 90 Years of Experience

With over 90 years of experience, Carl Gorr Printing Company is a leading manufacturer of graphic overlays, membrane switches and other labeling solutions for OEM products. Leading technology companies, medical equipment manufacturers and other entrepreneurs rely on our experience to get the job done right.

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Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays are pressure sensitive labels that are used to identify important usage information on electronic devices. They are often used for the following tasks:

  • To label a device's controls and indicator lights
  • To brand a device with a model number and the manufacturer's name
  • To provide crucial safety information
  • To label clearly identify the purpose of cable inputs and outputs
Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays may also be referred to as pressure sensitive labels, escutcheons, nameplates, decorative inserts, backlit control & instrument panels, grilles or faceplates.

Nameplates and Branding

Carl Gorr's high quality nameplates and branding labels complement your brand's quality. Our highly vibrant and durable screen printed labels will keep your brand looking fresh for years to come.

Nameplates Nortel Namplate

Warning and Instructional Labels

Warning and instructional labels must be highly durable, color-fast and conspicuous. We are capable of producing labels using a wide variety of materials an techniques, which meet applicable regulatory requirements.

Warning Decals Wiring Diagram Overlay

Carl Gorr Printing Company manuafactures graphic overlays for companies of all sizes. Email or call us today to discuss your requirements.

Art Requirements

When designing your overlays, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Art should be designed to-size
  • Convert all fonts to outlines/curves
  • Lines should be at least 0.5 pt thick for screen printed products. Digitally prited products so not have this restriction
  • Fonts should be at least 10 pt for screen printed products.. Digitally prited products so not have this restriction
  • Include any cutting marks on a separate layer

We accept vector art in the following file formats:

  • EPS
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or below
  • CorelDraw X5 or below
  • PDF

Art created in the following formats can be used for digitally printed overlays and decals, but will sometimes have to be re-worked for screenprinted designs

  • PSD (Photoshop)
  • TIF
  • JPEG

Click here to upload your art to us.

If you are unable to create art in one of these formats, our art department can help. Just send us what you have using our artwork upload page, and we'll let you know what we can do to convert or rebuild the art.

Design Services

We are also able to provide design services. Please email us if you would like a quote, or have artwork that does not meet our specifications.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is used when long-lasting, chemical resistant and color-fast product are required. It lends itself to imprinting a wide variety of materials with any number of specialty ink. For this reason, most of our products are screen printed.

Digital Printing

Digitally printed overlays can be created quickly and inexpensively, and are a good replacement for screen printing for small-quantity runs or for prototyping purposes.

Polycarbonate (Lexan)

This is the Industrial Designers choice material for today's graphic overlays because of its exceptional strength & temperature durabilities, protection from scratches, & the multitude of texture finishes. Printing may be applied to either first or second surfaces.

Thickness: .005 thru .030
FINISHES: Clear / Matte / Velvet / Suede
Hardcoat (Scratch resistant) available in .010 gauge.
Special UL 94 V-O rated polycarbonate available in .010, .015, .020 gauges.
Special Smoke Gray Tint available in .025 gauge.

Polyester (Mylar)

Thickness: .002 thru .010
Clear / Gloss / Matte
Hardcoat (Scratch resistant) available in .003, .005, .007 gauges.
Also available in bright silver and brushed metallic finishes.


Clear Gloss Vinyl
Thickness: .020
PVC Vinyl with PSA
Thickness: .010
Black color & Matte Finish

Clear Matte Vinyl

Thickness: .005
Flexible White Vinyl with PSA
Thickness: .004

We are able to custom-order a wide variety of materisl for your needs. If you do not see your required material in the list, let us know; we will most likely be able to obtain it.